Happy Earth Day: Interest in Green Homes is Growing

Green city background

Going green has proven to be more than a fad; environmental efficiency has increasingly factored into home buying decisions as a result of higher energy costs.

NAR’s 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found that buyers placed a high importance on energy efficiency when searching for a home. Features that affect monthly energy costs are frequently cited as the most important; in fact, one-third of home buyers said heating and cooling costs were the most important green feature of a home, followed by energy efficient appliances (23 percent) and lighting (22 percent). Some desired features extend outside the home too; landscaping for energy conversation was very important to 1 in 10 recent buyers.

The importance of green features also varies regionally, with northeastern and southern buyers placing more importance on a home’s heating and cooling costs in their decision making process because of seasonal cold and hot temperatures.