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Staged for Sucess: NAR’s 2017 Profile of Home Staging

Most home sellers know to keep their home clean and clutter-free while it is on the market, but sometimes taking the extra step of staging the home can help a home sell faster and for a higher dollar value. According...
July 6, 2017

Story Idea: Selling in Winter

Selling a home during the winter months can be an overwhelming undertaking. For most families the holidays are already a stressful time of year, so adding a house sale to the mix is an intimidating prospect. However, there are...
January 5, 2017

Infographic: Are there benefits to home staging?

Home staging can impact a buyer’s perception of a home and even persuade him or her to offer more money. Here are a few tips on home staging from National Association of Realtors®: 96 percent of buyer’s agents say...
October 30, 2015