Homebuyers Welcome the First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall, and for homebuyers the crisper air means a golden opportunity to jump into the housing market. While all seasons offer reasons for people to get involved in real estate, September and October bring specific advantages for interested buyers.

Eager sellers

Many sellers try to sell their home in spring or summer. When fall comes around and their home is still on the market, sellers may be getting eager and willing to make a deal. Fall buyers can take advantage and maybe find their dream home within their budget.

Tax advantages

At the end of the year, people start to think about what year-end tax breaks they might be eligible for. Homebuyers have the opportunity for tax deductions, such as the mortgage interest and property tax deductions, which put money back in their pocket.

Sweater weather

Buying a home after the sweltering heat of summer and before the cold of winter is ideal for homebuyers. Fall weather conditions make the task of moving a little bit easier and allow new homeowners to get settled in their homes for the holiday season.

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