Realtors® Gather in Washington to Discuss Sustainability

This week, NAR hosted the 2017 Sustainability Summit in Washington, D.C.  Over the course of two days, Realtors® and industry professionals gathered to discuss emerging trends in energy efficiency and ways sustainability is shaping the market.

NAR 2017 President-elect Elizabeth Mendenhall kicked off the summit and spoke about the importance of sustainability in real estate. “Realtors® and consumers are showing a growing desire for sustainability and energy efficiency in their homes and these topics are becoming more and more commonplace within the real estate industry. It’s not just industry professionals or commercial investors who are driving these conversations, but it’s also homeowners and tenants who, increasingly, want to talk more about operational efficiency and productivity,” she said.

The REALTORS® and Sustainability Report, released in April 2017, showed that 71 percent of Realtors® considered the promotion of energy efficiency in their listings as important.  The report also showed that Realtors® noted that 6 in 10 of their clients today are interested in sustainability.