VIDEO: Realtor® Treasurer on Capitol Hill to Support HUD Nominee

When Pam Patenaude’s nomination for deputy secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was announced in late May, Realtors® offered swift support.

“Pam’s extensive and strong background in real estate and housing will be an asset, and NAR has long enjoyed a strong relationship with Pam working on and advancing regulatory and policy initiatives,” said National Association of Realtors® 2017 President William E. Brown. “Pam is an ideal candidate for the position.”Tom Riley Pam Patenaude - small

This week, at a nomination hearing before the Senate Banking Committee, Patenaude told Senators that she is ready to bring her experience and passion for housing back to HUD.

“Housing has always been close to my heart and part of my family history,” Patenaude said. “If confirmed, I pledge to work closely with this Committee, Congress and Secretary Carson to develop viable solutions that align with HUD’s critical mission – to ensure that HUD’s programs are responsive to the housing needs of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Patenaude told the committee that more than 11 million households across the country spend over 50 percent of their income on rent and utilities alone. She pointed to a shortage of affordable rental homes, particularly for low-income families, as a contributing factor.

Currently, Patenaude serves as president of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families, which seeks to elevate rental affordability as a national issue while educating policymakers about housing issues.

NAR 2017 Treasurer Tom Riley came to Washington and attended the hearing in a show of support for Patenaude’s nomination.

“She’ll be a friend to Realtors®, and she will watch all of the different issues we have in D.C.,” Riley said. “We wish her well.”

Watch the video to get Riley’s comments are available in full in a video from Capitol Hill:


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