Congratulations REALTOR® University Graduating Class of 2017!

Congratulations to the 2017 REALTOR® University graduating class! Their academic achievements were honored today with a commencement ceremony in Washington, D.C.

The students at REALTOR® University distinguish themselves by earning a Master of Real Estate degree, which includes courses and concentrations designed specifically to meed the educational needs of real estate professionals.

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Here are some testimonials from today’s graduates about what the Master’s program means to them:

“For those who strive for more, this Master’s program puts them above the crowd. The Graduates of this program give the real estate industry, and especially the clients, customers and general public improved competency, care, skills, and professionalism.” – Adrean Larcheveaux

“I’ve learned through the program how to analyze commercial real estate for acquisition and all the implications that come along with this type of property, like taxes, marketing, repositioning, and disposition, to name a few. Without this education, I don’t believe it would have been possible to gain access to this level of knowledge that I’ll use inevitably to take our company to the new direction I indicated in your previous question.” – Charles Ngansop

I am certain that once my clients and customers are aware of my education, they will feel that their interests are being served by a real estate professional who is competent.  This should increase my referral business and the ability to raise the gross commissions for the office.  I also feel very strongly that my career options are more diverse as a result of this degree.” –  Deborah (Debbie)  T. Carter

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