Plant a Tree on Arbor Day, Just Not One of These!

Happy Arbor Day! If you are planning to celebrate in the true spirit of the holiday, you should be heading outside to plant a tree. However, while all trees have their benefits, not all trees are going to be a benefit to your home or neighborhood.


Here are some trees you should NEVER plant in your yard, even on Arbor Day!

Silver Maple. These large, fast-growing trees offer plenty of shade and are popular throughout the Midwest. However, their fast growth speed makes their wood weak and brittle which means they can easily snap during storms. They also have a shallow root system that is famous for invading sewage pipes and cracking driveways.

Willow. While this tree is immediately recognizable as the romantic weeping willow, it is also composed of weak wood that is prone to cracking with a thirsty root system that threatens nearby sewer lines. And for all the effort of keeping it healthy Willows have a relatively short lifespan, living only about 30 years.

Eucalyptus. This import from down under is famous for growing quickly – up to 10 feet in a year! These trees are also famous for unexpectedly dropping giant, resin-filled branches; a nightmare for maintenance and dangerous for anything (or one) underneath.

Mountain Cedar. These trees release massive amounts of pollen in the winter months and cause, for many people, cause allergic reactions. So even if you don’t have allergies, these trees probably won’t make you popular with allergy suffering neighbors.

Black Walnut.  While the wood from these trees makes beautiful cabinets and furniture, it also produces a TON of obnoxious fruit and pollen. Moreover, it secretes growth-inhibiting toxins that kill nearby plants. So say goodbye to that vegetable garden!

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