Buy Where the Baseballs Fly in March

Spring Training Baseball Stamp

Wouldn’t it be better to pull your muscle attempting to catch a foul ball instead of shoveling a foot of snow?

Knowing there are 13 spring training baseball games being played across the state of Florida and in the Phoenix area makes today’s wintry mess up and down the East Coast even more cruel.

It doesn’t have to be. Join the many die-hard fans who either own second-homes or have relocated full-time to be where their favorite MLB team hosts its spring games every year throughout February and March.

Fifteen teams play within the Phoenix metropolitan statistical area (MSA), where the single-family median home price is $235,600 (as of the fourth quarter of 2016).

The remaining 15 teams are dispersed throughout Florida. Below is a look at the median single-family home price (as of Q4 2016) for the 15 teams playing in the Sunshine State. Home prices are affordable, but notice how quickly they’re rising. Florida’s economy is healthy, second-home buyers are active and demand outpaces overall supply in many areas.

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