Animal House! A New Report on Pets and Remodeling

According to a new report from the National Association of REALTORS®, a majority of Americans take their pets’ needs into account when making decisions about buying, selling or renovating their homes.

The 2017 Animal House: Remodeling Impact report discussed the importance that animals in the home have for families across the United States, including how pets and animals impact the buying and selling decisions of renters and home owners.

The report helps informbuyers, sellers and REALTORS® of the following:
•Rental and home search considerations for animal owners.
•Remodeling projects that animal owners undertook and their level ofsatisfaction upon completion of various projects.
•Selling advice from REALTORS® for animals owners.Here are a few quick facts from the report:

Remodeling and Pets 2017
The entire report can be viewed here.