Coming Tomorrow: NAR’s HOME Survey

CaptureWe’re in the holiday spirit here at NAR with new consumer data out just in time for the ending of what’s been another adventurous year for the housing market.

NAR Research’s new quarterly household survey, Housing Opportunities and Market Experiences (HOME), makes its debut tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Since March, a sample of nearly 10,000 households (renters and homeowners) have been asked about many topical things surrounding homeownership, the economy and their personal financial outlook.

Among several interesting findings, here are a few you should expect to see in the inaugural release:

  • 1. How households are feeling about the economy and their personal finances
  • 2. If renters still consider homeownership to be a good financial decision and part of their American Dream
  • 3. The main reason current renters don’t own a  home

Stay tuned for tomorrow!