National Political Analyst Charlie Cook Praises Realtors® for Community Leadership

Realtors® packed a long conference room in San Diego this week to hear Charlie Cook of National Journal and NBC News give his take on the upcoming presidential elections.

Cook wasn’t afraid to give a candid assessment. He described the primary elections as “weird” and “disorienting,” telling the Realtor® audience that they have a big role to play in shaping public opinion.


“One thing about Realtors®,” Cook told a packed conference hall at the 2015 Realtors® Conference and Expo, “you’re all community leaders and you’re all opinion leaders.”

The forum, titled “Looking Ahead: What the 2016 Elections Mean for the 2017 National Agenda & Beyond,” offered Realtor® members some insight on the upcoming elections and an assessment of the candidates in both the presidential and down-ballot races.

Realtor® member and 2015 Federal Legislative and Political Forum Vice Chair Summer Greene moderated the event, calling Cook a “rock star” for keeping the audience engaged through the 90-minute session.

As the editor and publisher of “The Cook Political Report,” Charlie Cook is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on American politics and U.S. elections. Cook’s expertise has been featured on the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news programs, as well as “Good Morning America,” “TODAY,” “Nightline,” “Meet the Press” and “This Week.”

Cook noted that the upcoming presidential election presents a confusing landscape for outside observers.

“This has been an almost disorienting race with a lot of weird, weird stuff,” Cook said.  Although he said that “things are starting to clarify a little bit,” Cook offered a stark assessment of the presidential election.

“It’s going to be a really tough fight,” he said. Following his 90-minute remarks, Cook visited with Realtors® and fielded questions from an eager audience.

NAR President Chris Polychron thanked Cook for offering his time and insight and reiterated the importance of keeping Realtor® issues at the front of the political agenda.

“The issues we fight for aren’t just important to Realtors®,” said Polychron. “Our advocacy is important to the broader economy and the American dream of homeownership. I’m pleased Charlie Cook could join us once again to share his thoughts on what Realtors® can expect in the upcoming elections.”

Using poll numbers, economic indicators and historical data, Cook forecasts the fortunes of each party in a balanced, non-partisan manner and furnishes audiences with the concrete information they need regarding today’s political and legislative environments.