Story Idea—Home Makeover Ideas to Tackle in One Football Halftime

It seems there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything on that trusty to-do list, especially for homeowners. Oftentimes, homeowners have to choose between routine maintenance (like mowing the lawn or fixing a leaky faucet) and taking time to make an upgrade. Add all that into getting a home ready for fall (while also factoring in those long Sunday football games) and you’ll see that time stretched even thinner.

Thankfully, the National Association of REALTORS® consumer website HouseLogic has come up with some quick and easy ways to add some sparkle to a home that can be completed in just 15 minutes—or over a football game half-time break.

HouseLogic recommends tasks such as replacing switch plates with more decorative ones, changing out drawer and door hardware, adding some decorative house numbers outside and updating or rehabbing the mailbox.

Woman Putting Up Wooden Shelf At Home Using Cordless Drill

Story Springboard

Check out HouseLogic’s list of 15-minute home makeover ideas for homeowners that may be small but can make a world of difference. Talk to a homeowner to get additional ideas on small ways to spruce up a home this fall. Ask a REALTOR® about other small ways to quickly and inexpensively update a home.


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