Are Realtors® Becoming Obsolete? NAR President Chris Polychron Says No Way

In an age when home buyers can go online and check out hundreds of homes for sale in their area, we’re hearing the same question over and over again: “Will we even need real estate agents in the future?” The answer is simple, according to NAR President Chris Polychron in an interview with USA Today: Of course we will.

Polychron said that while it’s true prospective buyers have more tools than ever before to assist them in their path to homeownership, a partner and expert teammate to assist along the way will always be a huge advantage.

“People can go online and search for a house very easily,” Polychron told USA Today. “But that’s the easy part.” Problems with the lending process or title are more common than you think. Also, people sometimes have difficulties filtering all the information from their local markets and deciding what really matters.

“The thing a Realtor® can add to the transaction is local knowledge,” Polychron said. “Just because you’re reading the data that someone wants to put into that listing, it may not tell you that there’s a freeway and that during the day there’s high noise levels or when the trees in the winter have their leaves fall off.”

Though new real estate technologies are popping up regularly to assist home buyers and sellers, it doesn’t mean that those tools can replace what a knowledgeable, experienced Realtor® can do for buyers and sellers. “I started hearing 10 years ago that technology was going to replace the Realtor®,” Polychron said. And with more than 1 million Realtors® across the country today, clearly a need still exists for that local knowledge and experience.

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