Vacations Prove August Is Not Just for the Dogs

The “dog days of summer” are finally here. It’s hot, Congress is in recess and your favorite baseball team likely packed it in for the season and traded away its $100 million star player for a couple minor league prospects old enough to be your son.

But before you trade in your swimming trunks for sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, remember that August is a wildly popular month for vacations.

We reported in April that vacation home sales surged in 2014, reaching their all-time high since we began our annual Vacation and Investment Home Buyers Survey in 2003.

According to this year’s survey, the most popular location for recent buyers was the beach (40%), followed by the country (19%), mountain (17%) and lakefront (15%).

Another interesting tidbit: vacation buyers purchased a home a median distance of 200 miles from their primary residence. In other words, a little under three hours if you bought in Maine or Minnesota.

If it’s anywhere near D.C., the good news is the beach will still be there five hours later!

2015 Vacation Buyers Infographic