Pushing back against patent trolls

You’ve heard of so-called “patent trolls,” right?take-action-troll

They’re the ones who are out there trying to extort Main Street businesses – including Realtors® – by suing over the use of everyday business technologies like drop-down menus, search functions on websites, and even simple features found in common office scanners.

Realtors® have been targeted at alarming rates, and NAR is pressing Congress to close the loopholes that let it happen.

H.R. 9 – The Innovation Act of 2015 – is currently pending in the House of Representatives, and takes steps to protect Realtors® and others from frivolous lawsuits brought by patent trolls. The issue is featured on NAR’s “The Voice of Real Estate,” a bi-weekly video roundup of the news that affects the industry, which is up on YouTube now if you’d like to learn more.

NAR is also calling on members to reach out to their Representative and ask that they support The Innovation Act. Together, our voices can make a difference and help stop patent trolls in their tracks.