Story Idea—Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Make Life Easier and Impress Your Friends

As most people will attest, the kitchen is often one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s where families get together to talk about their day, where kids bake cookies and do their homework, and where meals and memories are made. Because of its broad uses, it can be difficult to create or find a kitchen that is not only practical but also beautiful. The National Association of Realtor®’s consumer website recently published a piece outlining the hottest trends in kitchens that allow homeowners both superb functionality and an aesthetically pleasing look for years to come. Suggestions include going with the classic all-white kitchen, investing in LED lighting, rethinking refrigerator placement and  design, and how to embrace accessibility to make life easier for families while also creating a sleek kitchen space.

Modern cream coloured kitchen

 Story Springboard

Check out HouseLogic’s suggestions for the best kitchen trends that have staying power. Talk to a Realtor® to get input on popular kitchen trends in your community. Speak to homeowners who recently completed a kitchen remodel to find out what they did and/or homeowners who purchased a home because of the kitchen.


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